Own a little space to make world a better place.

BRIKSHA Agriculture Producer Company (BAPC) – an extraordinary global initiative providing opportunity to gain profits from the growing agri-business sector, while investing in real estate and contributing to environment preservation in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Integrated Green-Business Concept

A Unique Opportunity to earn impressive returns from a Green Initiative.


Real Estate

Marketing & Profits

Project 1


We, at BAPC aim to generate revenue from the waste land in a demarcated area after extensive research and estimation of the fertility value of the chosen land and tending the wasteland with suitable resources and expert guidance to increase its fertility and outcome value and obtain raw materials through agricultural practices.

thomas jefferson
Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.
Thomas Jefferson
pawan kalyan
I never wanted to become an actor. I always wanted to be a farmer and dreamt of owning half an acre of agriculture land.
Pawan Kalyan
Project 2

Real Estate

We provide the opportunity to gain ownership of a desired part of the property under agri-business project, with minimal investment, with an immediate effect and an absolute proprietorship. We also provide a benefit of simultaneously increasing the market value of the property by increasing its fertility outcome with the cultivation practices.

Project 3

Marketing & Profits

We provide the BAPC land owners distinct advantage of participating in a business venture, promoted and managed by our professionals with rich expertise in agriculture, financial planning, project management and marketing.  

The land owners can lease out the owned part of land to BAPC and earn benefits of the agricultural/horticultural outcomes of the property under agri-business initiative, where with our marketing acumen we work towards procuring the maximum benefit from every inch of land.

will rogers
Don’t wait to buy land, Buy land and then wait.
Will Rogers
Our Services


Obtaining industrial raw materials from agricultural practices.


Providing expert advice for personal agri-business ventures.

Real Estate

Sale and purchase of property for our green business initiative.

Waste Recycling

Obtaining industrial raw materials from solid waste through recycling process.


Cultivation and horticultural practices to increase fertility value of wasteland.

Market Returns

Sale of agricultural products and distributing the profit among members.

Why choose our services?

We offer a wide range of services to provide better real estate investment opportunities to people who can later choose to obtain the perpetual benefits of the agri-business practices over their owned piece of land.

BAPC’s business strategy provides a combination of benefits to its members.

Your Benefits

Own A Land

Own a desired part of land under BRIKSHA agri-business initiative and have the absolute right to make decision regarding the owned property.

Become a Member of Agri-Business Concept

Lease out the owned property to BAPC, for further development and improvement of the land outcome value through cultivation practices.

Earn profits through the net profits derived from integrated agri-business operation.