Briksha Agriculture Producer Company

One of our projects at BAPC, aims towards converting acres of wasteland into productive agricultural land and selling it further to our customers after proposing roads which divide the land in patches of an acre each. Hence, where there used to be just one or two owners of such big land, now there are several number of owners of that land each with their own ownership.

After purchasing their own land, customers are free to do whatever they want with their land or they can give their land on lease to BAPC, which performs integrated agriculture on their land to grow crops as per the environment and provide them with an yearly agricultural income

For more information check our agro-real estate scheme below::



Gaganbawra, Kohlapur

Situated near Bombay-Goa highway, this land is rich in raw cashew nuts with a great weather and great scope for future investments with following details:


Rajapur, Kohlapur

Situated near pleasant water bodies, with a charming weather, rich in growth of raw cashew nuts, we provide this land in Rajapur with following details:



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